Prodigious 18 year old singer/songwriter Ryann Barnes began crafting songs at age eight after being encouraged by her father. She applies carefree stream of consciousness techniques when she writes now.  “The guitar comforts my imagination, while the piano inspires it.” There are many references to classic stories and tales throughout her work as well as her own personal observations about teenage life. Her music plays with imaginative lyricism and acoustic roots set to a youthful, punching production, with echoes to her personal childhood nostalgia. She draws inspiration from varied musical sources like Judy Garland, Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney, and the 1951 animated classic, Alice In Wonderland.  She worked on the songs which became her debut EP for two years before recording in the fall of 2021. Working with producers Paige Stark and Taylor Locke, she recorded a 4 track debut that expresses her fresh musicality and expansive lyrical imagination. The EP touches on her personal experience of teenage curiosity, social constructs, self awareness, and growth. “If I were to sum up where my imagination has been and returned to these past two years, it is in these songs".